Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blog #13: Final Choice Novel blog

Minimum Words: 450
Make sure you are continuously having a conversation with the text, referencing it and responding to it.

This blog should cover the second half of your choice novel (though referencing the first half is obviously okay).

These are the things to consider in your blog:

1. A Reader Response to the novel as a whole. Include your opinions on how your story was resolved, what you liked, what you didn't, discuss predictions you made and how accurate they were (or weren't), etc.

2. Discuss the second half of the book through a different lens than the one you discussed initially. You can still refer to your original lens, but try another one regardless of how much of a stretch it may seem. Make sure to use specific references from the book.

3. Finally to reinforce viewing things from a different perspective... though we describe these books as "dystopian" they are a "utopia" for someone. Take some time to consider who is benefiting from the society created in your novel. How is life for them? What are their goals? Needs? Wants?

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