Thursday, April 10, 2014

Blog #12: Choice Dystopian Novel

This should be the first blog post for your dystopian choice novel and should cover at least the first half of the book.

The goal for this assignment is to discuss your novel as you would with a regular lit circle; ideas, thoughts, surprises, and questions. Because of the nature of this discussion, it will be less formal than your last post. Also make sure you view your novel through at least one of the critical lenses discussed in class.

Try to move past the Reader Response lens (just your reaction to the text) and try to connect your reactions to something else. Make observations, predictions, compare and contrast, but use a different lens to shape your entry. Remember to constantly refer to the text quoting specific passages and phrases.

400 word minimum, excluding quotes.

If you need them, here are some thoughts that may help get you started:

  • Connection and empathy (or the lack thereof); what kinds of experiences have brought people together (or driven them apart)? How have you seen that develop, and how has it shaped the book?
  • The idea of "progress"; how is it framed? Has it contributed to the "dystopia" created? How?
  • Try on the gender lens; how would something as simple as changing the gender of your main character change the story? Would the conflict be the same? Why? Include the book title in your Post title so they are easier to find for responses. 
Due end of the day Friday, April 11.

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