Thursday, January 19, 2017

Blog #19: Your Lifelong Learning Project

Due: Sunday, January 22
Requirements: 350 words and a link (preferably embedded) to your presentation.

Over the past two quarters, you've been learning about something that is important to you. You've also created a presentation as a way to share that learning. You've done remarkable things surrounding your Lifelong Learning Project.

Today, please spend some time creating a portfolio entry on the work you've done.

In this blog post, please consider:
  1. Embedding your presentation or video. 
    1. You can get an embed code by selecting File->Publish to Web on your Google Presentation. Select the small option and put the code into the HTML view on a blogger post. The HTML view button to the left, directly under the post title. 
  2. Including a picture, screenshot, or link to your project. 
  3. Reflecting on what you chose to learn, the process of learning it, and putting it into a presentation.
This post doesn't have to be long. It's just a way to showcase your learning so it presents a clear picture of your project in your portfolio.

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